Our Services

Ceylon Hunt is a destination management company that specializes in organizing excursions in Sri Lanka. We work with a wide range of clients, ranging from private or corporate groups planning special events, getaways, or retreats to individual travelers planning customized leisure trips and activities.

Tailor Made & Customized Tours

Let us know what your requirement or what you are interested in, and we’ll customize a tour for you. We specialize in religious excursions, educational site visits, wildlife, and birding tours. Photographers, camera or film crews, and etc.

Guest Transportation & Taxi Services

We arrange all types of transportation for your vacation in Sri Lanka. If you are already in Sri Lanka and need assistance with transportation, you can contact us any time.

Train Ticket Bookings

Ceylon Hunt can help you booking your train ticket in Sri Lanka. Simply submit us the completed form 30 days prior to your arrival, and we will ensure that you receive your ticket without any delay.

Hotel Reservations

Ceylon Hunt can help you find a hotel in Sri Lanka. We can assist you in finding the ideal match for your requirements at a reasonable price.

Yala Safari with Jeeps and Rangers

We can assist you in finding a Jeep for your Yala safari, and to make that safari even more interesting and memorable, we can arrange a Ranger-guided safari in Yala National Park. 

Helicopter Tours in Sri Lanka

Our Helicopter Tours offer a unique perspective of this tropical jewel, showcasing its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking landmarks.