The Seethawaka Odyssey train is the newest addition to Sri Lanka Railways’ fleet of tourist trains. The railway travels along the Kelani Valley route from Colombo Fort to Waga. The Railways Department’s tourist trains, such the Ella Odyssey and the Kandy Odyssey, are in high demand and have gained a lot of popularity with tourists. Another weekend tourist train service that has been introduced is the Seethawaka Odyssey.

Ancient Seethawaka Kingdom is home to numerous tourist attractions, including traditional arts, cultural, and archaeological monuments, and it has a significant historical significance. As a result of their awareness of its significance, residents of Colombo and other nearby cities can now visit this location with more pleasure. 

  • Train Name: Seethawaka Odyssey
  • Train Type: Every Sunday
  • Journey Duration:  02 Hours 35 mins
  • Available Classes: 1st class A/C, 2nd class Seats, 3rd class Seats
  • Tickets: Reservations only

Seethawaka Odyessy Train Schedule

  • Colombo to Waga – Every Saturday and Sunday 7.15 AM  from Colombo Fort – Reaching Waga 9.35 AM  
  • Waga to Colombo – Every Saturday and Sunday 5.25 PM from Waga – Reaching Colombo Fort 8.05 PM

Ticket Prices

  • First Class Air Condition – 500 Sri Lankan Rupees/ With Return 800 Sri Lankan Rupees 
  • Second Class – 300 Sri Lankan Rupees/ With Return 500 Sri Lankan Rupees
  • Third Class – 200 Sri Lankan Rupees/ With Return 350 Sri Lanka Rupees

Seats Availability

  • First Class- 44 Seats
  • Second Class- 44 Seats
  • Third Class- 66 Seats 

Bus Fares for Round Tour From Waga Railway Station and Return

When you arrive at Waga station, there will be both AC and non-AC buses waiting to take you around. You can buy a bus ticket and book a seat on one of those buses.

The first stop will be Labugama reservoir, followed by Ranmudu ella, where you may enjoy the waterfall for about an hour. You will be escorted from Ranmudu Ella to Seethawaka Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy the scenery and have lunch. Last stop of the journey will be Kumari Ella and from there the bus will return back to the Awissawella station where you get in to the return train.

  • A/C– 630 Sri Lankan Rupees
  • Non A/C – 430 Sri Lankan Rupees

Attractions to be covered during the Seethawaka Odyssey Bus Ride

  • Ranmudu Ella- 12.15PM/ FOC
  • Kumari Ella- 2.00PM/ FOC
  • Seethawaka Wet zone- 3.00PM to 4.45PM/ Need Tickets
  • Cultural Dance- 5.30PM/ FOC

Seethawaka Wet Zone

One of Sri Lanka’s four principal botanical gardens, the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden first welcomed visitors in 2014. The 106-acre garden was created to preserve the low-country wet zone native trees and plants of Sri Lanka. The botanical garden’s lower part was constructed around a pond that was already there. Along with boardwalk, cafeteria, cobblestone walkways, and bird-watching tower, the garden also offers leisurely pursuits like paddleboats. The Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden is a popular destination for local tourists and photographers and has enormous potential to draw tourists from abroad.

  • Local Adult-100rs
  • Foreigner  Adult- 2000rs
  • Children Younger than 12 years -20rs
  • Senior Citizens- 20rs

Kumari Ella

You shouldn’t skip the historically significant Kumari Ella while on this journey. Local legend claims that the Princess Waterfall was where the daughter of the King of Seethawaka died by waterfall plunge, giving the Kumari its name. Four creeks feed the 4 m-tall Kumari Ella, which is a tributary of the Kelani River. The waterfall, however, has a deep plunge pool and is unsuitable for bathing and swimming.

Kalatuwawa Resevoir

On this journey, you can visit the Kalatuwawa reservoir, a work of public art and a feat of engineering. The Colombo Municipal Council dammed a subtributary of the Kelani River in 1955 to create the reservoir (CMC). The 320-acre  reservoir provides water to Colombo city and other parts of the district. Numerous native birds can be found in the forest reservation that surrounds the reservoir.

How to Book Seats on Seethawaka Odyssey

01. From Specific Trains Stations

Directly from railway stations listed below and other main train stations from 9.00 AM to 4 PM

  • Colombo Fort
  • Maradana
  • Gampaha
  • Kandy 

02. By Calling 365 on Mobitel

The Mobitel M Ticketing Service 14 days before the scheduled travel date by calling the 365 hotline, you can reserve a seat on the Seethawaka Odyssey train. To pay for the ticket, make sure your mobile phone account has enough credit.

03. By Calling 1265 on SLT

By calling 1265 on a SLT Land line you can Make the reservations for the train.

04. Through Sri Lanka Railway Department Website

The Sri Lanka Department of Railways’ official website offers the option to purchase Seethawaka Odyssey train tickets online. You can simply log in to the website and can make the reservations. 

Booking Tickets 30 days prior to the travel date is advisable

Image courtesy of G.S. Matthews, Michael Shehan Obeysekera,   via creative commons licenses. some rights reserved.

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