Sri Lanka is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls on the planet. No matter which direction you walk, you’ll come upon a location that will take your breath away. Such places typically have sparkling, tranquil pools of water. If you do a  brief research you will find so many Natural pools in Sri Lanka that could make your tour a memorable one.

Many are hidden jewels known only to a select few locals and travellers. There’s nothing quite like plunging into the pools made by the flow of water for a brief swim. Indeed, if you frequently use the hotel pool while on vacation, these natural pools in Sri Lanka provide an organic, refreshing alternative. 

6 Best Natural Pools in Sri Lanka

  • Ellawala Ella Fall, Wellawaya
  • Rangala Natural Pool, Kandy
  • Upper Diyaluma Falls, Ella
  • Manik Ganga Natural Pool, Kataragama
  • Patna Sliding Rock, Deniyaya
  • Galpoththa Natural Water Slide

Ellawala Fall

Ellewala Ella is a small but stunning waterfall located 25.8 kilometers from Ella in the Monaragala District. The water fall may be reached via the Ella-Wellawaya Road. About 5 kilometers from Wellawaya Town. This waterfall is hidden within the woods which is hard to reach.

The natural pool at the base of the waterfall is great for a swim. The last few kilometers to Ellawala Ella Fall are rough and unsuited for vehicles with low ground clearance. You may need to travel by 4 wheeler or Tuk Tuk. Still To get to the waterfall, will have to trek a few hundred meters into the jungle, following a track and climbing between boulders.

The villages advise visiting between November and December when the Ellawala waterfall is at its height. Always use caution when swimming as there have been a few documented drownings reported.


Upper Diyaluma Falls

The Upper Diyaluma waterfall is located in Poonagala hamlet, around 40 kilometers south of Ella, making it an ideal day excursion if you’re staying in this little mountainous town. This community, like many others in Sri Lanka, is surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and lush vegetation. It’s a stunning sight, and it’s worth spending some time here to take in the sheer height of the waterfall. There are a few little ponds where you may take a dip, but please take care not to disturb the wildlife while your in the top of the fall.

You can hire a local to walk you up if you are feeling anxious or uncertain in any manner. Two paths lead up the waterfall. The most obvious way climbs up the edge of the waterfall on one trail. The second route is boarding a tuk-tuk some distance from the waterfall and beginning a more gradual ascent.

Upper diyaluma

Rangala Natural Pool

This natural pool in Rangala was a hot subject on social media. The pool became an immediate hit that every visitor wanted to see as stunning pictures of it spread across all social media channels. Despite having inviting looking, crystal clear water, this natural pool is unsafe for swimming because of its depth of almost 30 feet.

Rangala is a remote natural pool ,located 40 kilometres from Kandy and 15 km from Theldeniya. You may reach this place from Kandy by traveling up to Theldeniya and then take the Werapitiya Road for 15 kilometers. As an alternative, you may go there through Katugasthota, Madawala, and Huluganga, which is a more attractive route. On your way to Rangala you may pass by several additional waterfalls, including Kosgama Ella and Huluganga Ella. Rangala Natural pool is on the Kota Ganga bridge’s left side.


Manik River Natural Pool

Manik River Natural Pool is situated on the Buttala Kataragama road, close to Sella Kataragama. This place is regarded as one of the best natural pools near Yala National Park. It serves as a recreational natural pool for the locals. This is the ideal place to unwind if you want to take a natural bath and live like a local after a challenging Bumpy Safari in the park.

The area is rarely crowded in the afternoon and has an ominous look due to the surrounding old trees. If you enjoy taking a bath in the forest, this location is perfect for you. As you swim, keep an eye out for the sharp rocks that clutter the bottom.

The place is rarely crowded in the afternoon and has an ominous look due to the surrounding old trees. If you enjoy taking a bath in the forest, this location is perfect for you. As you swim, keep an eye out for the sharp rocks that clutter the bottom. As the location is inside the Yala National Park and frequented by native elephants and leopards, always make sure to travel with a local guide.

manik river

Patna Sliding Rock

Patna Sliding Rock is a fairly recent location found by locals. The site is inside Patna Division of Maturata Plantations’ Enesalwatta estate, 15 kilometers from Deniyaya and 180 kilometers from Colombo, adjacent to the Unesco Heritage Site of Sinharaja Rain Forest.

This unique sliding rock is formed by a little branch of the Gin river and allows you to slide down it naturally and securely with fresh and cool water. Because of its one-of-a-kind feature, many travelers flock here to have a memorable experience. However, it is best to visit in the morning because it becomes more busy by midday.

Patna Deniyaya

Galpoththa Natural Water Slide

Galpoththa Natural Water Slide is another unusual natural bathing location in the Wellawaya area close to Nawalapitiya. It stands at a height of more than 50 metres and a width of more than 60 metres. It is also known as “Heightenford Falls” and “Sudugala Falls.” This waterfall’s water cascades over a slanted rock bed.

The waterfall ends with a shallow pool about 2 feet deep, which is a popular spot for children to slide down the rock until they fall into the pool at the bottom. This activity, however, is only possible when the water levels are low and is extremely dangerous.

Galpoththa waterfall

Safety Tips for Enjoying Natural Pools

While these natural pools are inviting, safety should always be a priority. Be cautious of slippery rocks and strong currents. Avoid diving into unfamiliar waters, and always adhere to any safety guidelines provided at the site.

Whatever you Decide, you won’t be let down in Sri Lanka, where the people are friendly and inviting, the food is cheap and good, and the scenery is magnificent. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about the Natural pools in Sri Lanka! Send us a message or leave a comment below if you have any inquiries so we can get back to you!

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