As much as we heard enough about Sri Lanka as a wondrous destination to travel and explore, one of the most exciting things to do in Sri Lanka is to take a train trip to certain destinations. A train trip in Sri Lanka is comfortable and spacious for you to stretch out and relax. Significantly you get to see the stunning scenery.

Through this blog post, we are intending to recommend a few destinations you should travel by train in Sri Lanka and share insights on how to reserve your train tickets.

Where should I travel by train in Sri Lanka?

Apparently, there are numerous journey routes you can take to travel by train in Sri Lanka. Most famous tourist destinations are distinctive and you must try train rides to those locations for a magnificent experience. 

  • Colombo to Kandy
  • Kandy to Badulla
  • Colombo to Galle
  • Anuradhapura to Jaffna
  • Kandy to Ella
  • Kandy to Nuwaraeliya

How should I book tickets?

You can purchase the tickets from Colombo Railway station as Colombo is the railway hub in Sri Lanka. Also, you can reserve tickets online through the government website.

It is advisable to book first class and second class tickets 30 days before to make sure you will have your seat saved. Once you reserve your tickets online, the ticket can be collected from the stations where Mobitel Train Ticket services are available. For more information, you can visit mobitel website.


First Class Tickets

First-class tickets should be reserved prior to 30 days or more to make sure that you will not miss your seats. First Class cabins are limited and if you do not reserve your seats before one month in hand, it is likely you will miss the opportunity. However, booking a train trip in Sri Lanka under first class is for anyone who would like to have a cosy journey in the air-conditioned cabins and enjoy comfortable seats.

Second Class Tickets

Second Class cabins are semi-luxury. It will be best for you to reserve the tickets early as possible. But you can always get into a second class cabin without prior reservation. You will get comfortable seats, fans above your head and also can feel the fresh air and perfect sceneries.

Third Class Tickets

Third class tickets are cost-effective with unlimited seats and space. The great thing about taking the train ride in the third class cabins is that you will be opened to fresh air to breathe in and have the perfect views of your eyesight. You might not find a lot of comfort in the third class cabins but it is a lot of fun.

What can I do during the journey?

Well, train trips in Sri Lanka are fun and a different experience. You will find micro-level sellers who will walk around with snacks and beverages. You can try a few of the varieties on the way to your destination. But it is also advisable to be careful with what you consume. 

There can be singers and musicians that will hop in on the way to showcase their talents. Also, you can meet great people where you will bump in to have a good chit-chatter.


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