Glamping makes your holiday in Yala effortless!

When you are planning a relaxing and adventurous holiday to Sri Lanka, one of the  things that you must absolutely must include in your bucketlist should be luxury camping in Yala, which is basically a new term coined for ”the art of camping with a touch of glamour”,where you can enjoy luxury in the middle of the Yala wilderness. Glamping in Yala has become so popular that it is now considered to rival other popular destinations in Sri Lanka such as Kandy, Ella (amazing trekking spot) and the sunny beaches of Hikkaduwa.

So what exactly is “Glamping”? 

This trendy new term is a mix of the words “glamourous and camping”, so you can think of it as a more luxurious camping experience. While glamping has gained momentum in the past couple of years, it  has actually existed for years, you may have seen the glamorous tents on African TV. Luxury camping in Sri Lanka is now pretty popular among the tourists.

So if you are one of those people who really doesn’t fancy roughing it out in the wilds of Yala, then glamping is just the thing you need ! You can enjoy a modern tent set up in the style of a rustic house with a comfortable bed and all the basic amenities that you would enjoy at home per say. The perk is that you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the Yala National Park with guided safaris and knowledgeable rangers who will explain every minute detail as you cruise along

Explore the wild with fun guided safari

Nothing can beat the experience of spotting the leopards in Yala ! The thrill of seeing a leopard will last forever as you lock eyes with those elusive big cats ! Yala has the highest concentration of leopards anywhere in the world. Many visitors stay in accommodations within a short drive of the Yala National Park so they can be there at daybreak for early morning safaris. Additionally, you will see the mightly elephants, sloth bears and water buffalos along with the odd herd of deer. Aside from the peacocks, birdlife is abundant in Yala and great if you love bird watching and nature

Obviously, if you are glamping in Yala, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own tent or your meals, and some of the glamping sites in Yala, such as Camp Leopard -Yala Safari Glamping, provide some of the most amazing dinners under the starry night sky,  where you can savour some delicious BBQ  by the glowing campfire.  The experience is a thrill for those who love the notion of dining in the wilderness!  In a nutshell, glamping is fantastic for those who love to camp in the wilderness with all the comforts of home ….

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