The Yal Nila Odyssey train is the newest member of Sri Lanka Railways’ fleet of tourist trains. Its mission is to promote travel to the country’s northern regions. Every Friday at 10:00 p.m., the train runs from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanturai (KKS). Tourist trains operated by the Railways Department, like the Ella Odyssey and the Seethawaka Odyssey, are in great demand and have grown very popular with travelers. The Yal Nila Odyssey is the newest tourist train service that has been made available to the Fleet.

Kankasanthurei, also known as KKS, is the home to Nallur Kovil. And the main purpose of the train is to help Hindu devotees plan their pilgrimage to the kovil season, which begins in August. However, due to the upgrading of the railway tracks between Maho and Anuradhapura, train operations between Colombo and Jaffna will be temporarily halted after December 2023.

Nallur Kovil
  • Train Name: Yal Nila Odyssey
  • Train Type: Week End
  • Journey Duration:  07 Hours 52 mins
  • Available Classes: 1st class A/C, 2nd class Seats, 3rd class Seats
  • Tickets: Reservations only

Yal Nila Odyessy Train Schedule

  • Mount Lavinia to KKS – Every Friday 10.00 PM  from Mount Lavinia – Reaching KKS 05.52 AM on Saturday
  • KKS to Mount Lavinia – Every Sunday 10.00 PM from KKS – Reaching Mount Lavinia 06.00 AM on Monday

Ticket Prices of Yal Nila Odyessy

  • First Class Air Condition – 4000 Sri Lankan Rupees (one way)
  • Second Class – 3000 Sri Lankan Rupees (one way)
  • Third Class – 2000 Sri Lankan Rupees (one way)

Seats Availability

  • Total- 570 Seats
  • First Class- 336 Seats
  • Second Class- 128 Seats
  • Third Class- 106 Seats 

Top 5 Things to do while you are in Kankesanturai

Kankesanturai, often abbreviated as “KKS,” is a town located in the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. It is situated on the northern coast of the island and is known for its natural harbor, which has historically been an important naval and commercial port in the region.

01. Visit KKS Beach

Enjoy the serene and sandy beaches along the northern coast of Sri Lanka. The crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings make it a perfect spot for relaxation and a leisurely stroll.

KKS Beach
02. Explore KKS Lighthouse

The KKS Lighthouse, also known as the Kankesanthurai Lighthouse, is an iconic landmark in the area. It offers panoramic views of the coastline and the Indian Ocean. Climbing to the top of the lighthouse can be a memorable experience.

KKS light house
03. Visit Nallur Kandaswamy Temple

Although located in the neighboring city of Jaffna, this ancient Hindu temple is easily accessible from Kankesanturai. It is a prominent religious site, known for its grand architecture and vibrant festivals.

Nallur Kovil 2
04. Discover Keerimalai Natural Springs

Situated nearby, Keerimalai features natural water springs with supposed healing properties. The site also has a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Keerimalai Natural Springs
05. Explore the Fort Hammenhiel

Located on a small island near Kankesanturai, Fort Hammenhiel is a historic Dutch fortress dating back to the 17th century. It was later used as a prison during British colonial rule and offers a glimpse into the region’s colonial past.

Fort Hammenhiel

How to Book Seats on Yala Nila Odyssey

01. By Calling 365 on Mobitel

The Mobitel M Ticketing Service 14 days before the scheduled travel date by calling the 365 hotline, you can reserve a seat on the Yal Nila Odyssey train. To pay for the ticket, make sure your mobile phone account has enough credit.

02. Through Sri Lanka Railway Department Website

The Sri Lanka Department of Railways’ official website offers the option to purchase Yala Nila Odyssey train tickets online. You can simply log in to the website and can make the reservations. 

03. Through your Travel Agent

Tourists in Sri Lanka can book the Yal Nila Odyssey train through their travel agent. However, if you have already begun your vacation in Sri Lanka, you may choose one of the three alternatives listed above. If you have any issue with making your reservation Simply message us and we, Ceylon Hunt can help you.

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