Katunayake is a suburb in Negombo, Sri Lanka. It is well recognized as the location of Bandaranaike International Airport, often known as Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka’s principal international aviation gateway. The distance between Colombo and Katunayake Airport is approximately 30 kilometers. It takes roughly an hour and 30 minutes to get from Katunayake to Colombo. In addition, the beach town of Negombo is only 15 minutes away from Katunayake.

Tourists typically stayed in Katunayake for the final days of their journey after visiting Sri Lanka. It’s likely that you will pass through Katunayake on your way to or from Sri Lanka because it’s so close to Bandaranaike International Airport. Additionally, a lot of travelers in transit who are waiting for their next flight stay at hotels close to the Katunayake airport.

While living in Katunayake, there are a ton of interesting and adventurous activities to do. Listed here are five of them.

01. Bird watching in Muthurajawela

The 3,068 ha Muthurajawela Marsh is a part of an integrated coastal wetland system with significant biodiversity and ecological value. The ecosystem provides a natural habitat for hundreds of different endangered species as well as indigenous species. It is one of Sri Lanka’s top 12 priority wetlands. This wetland sanctuary was just recognized as a “protected wetland of the world” because of its ecological and biological significance.

Many birds and reptiles may be seen as you navigate a boat through the wetlands. You may view resident birds including Cormorants, Ducks, Egrets, Herons, Storks, Eagles, Terns, Swallows, Swifts, Kingfishers, and more. In addition, the muthurajawela habitat is home to crocodiles, monitor lizards, and Sri Lanka’s biggest snake, the python too.

The marsh is a popular destination for locals and visitors, especially for sightseeing and boat trips. Local forestry and agriculture are also supported by the region. To prevent major disturbance to the marsh environment, the staff at the Muthurajawela Marsh Centre directs visitors through the sanctuary sections.


02. Pay your respects at Angurukaramulla Temple

Angurukaramulla Temple is an ancient and revered Buddhist temple in Negombo. The temple is noted for its dragon-head protecting the entrance and its six-meter-tall Lord Buddha image. Visitors must pass through the dragon’s jaws to enter, which is said to keep evil spirits away from the temple and its followers. The dragon rests in the shadow of Lord Buddha’s huge statue, looking out over a peaceful pool of water in front of it. Visitors should dress modestly and cover their arms and shoulders before visiting the temple.

The temple has the ruins of a 300-year-old library that once housed a huge collection of religious and literary manuscripts. There are even rumors that some of them are being kept safe in the corridors of the newly refurbished temple. Visitors entering the temple should dress modestly, with their arms and shoulders covered.

Angurukaramulla Temple

03. Negombo City Tour by tuk tuk

Another interesting thing to do while staying in a Katunayake hotel is to take a tuk tuk ride to discover the history, culture, and sights of Negombo. The trip lasts around 2 – 3 hours and may be tailored to your specific interests and desires. Talk to your travel agent or talk to Ceylon Hunt to book your Negombo City tour.

Highlights include:

  • Fish Market
  • Fish drying on the beach
  • St Mary’s Church
  • Negombo Fort
  • Angurukaramulla Temple
  • Hamilton Canal
  • Negombo Lagoon

Begin your tuk-tuk journey at Katunayake. You will first be escorted to the bustling Negombo local fish market. After seeing enormous mats of dried fish spread out in the sun, you will continue on to the Negombo Dutch Fort. You may roam about the Dutch fort at Negombo. You will next be moved when you see the Dutch canal, a crucial piece of the transportation network that supported the Dutch colonial authority. Visit the 300-year-old Angurukaramulla Temple after that. The historical library, the dragon entryway, and the vibrant paintings are among of this temple’s best features, making it worthwhile to pay a visit. You will finally be taken to St. Mary’s Church, one of Sri Lanka’s largest cathedrals and a notable location with a significant religious function. Visitors to Negombo shouldn’t skip this church because of its distinctive architecture.

Tuk tuk

04. Boat Safari in Dandugam Oya

Isn’t it lovely to paddle along the river with a local fisherman as you pass through dense mangroves that are alive with cheerful birdcalls? Ceylon Hunt has special Dandugan oya Boat Safari packages exclusively designed for adventure seekers who spends their lasts few days in Sri Lanka or individuals came for a transit to Sri Lanka and stay in a hotel near by Katunayake.

The morning safari in Dandugan oya is an unforgettable experience for anybody Staying in Katunayake. Keep a look out for water monitors, blue-eyed cormorants perched atop floating branches, and fruit bats sleeping upside down as you cruise across the undulating waterways. If you’re lucky, you could even see a few crocodiles and water snakes while taking a jungle cruise while a local fisherman paddles through Dandugam Oya, preparing for his catch. Always  Wear life jackets and never immerse your body parts in water.

Dandugam Oya Boat Safari

05. Get an Ayurvedic Therapy while in Katunayake

If Ayurveda is on your mind, you know where to go. Either India or Sri Lanka. And, while you’re in Sri Lanka, why not go exploring best Ayurvedic Experince in Katunayake? Ask your hotel staff for recommendations for the best Ayurvedic treatment facilities, or if you can travel to Negombo, the Jetwing Ayurvedic Pavilion is the best place for a  Ayurvedic treatment.


The Best time to visit Katunayake

Between November and March is the ideal time to visit Katunayake. If you want to visit Katunayake during the hottest months, the best months are May, June, and April.

Best Hotels to stay in Katunayake

  • Amora Lagoon Hotel
  • Vivanta Colombo, Air Port Garden
  • Full Moon Garden
  • Ramada by Whyndham Katunayake

Where ever you decide, you will not be disappointed in Sri Lanka, where the food is affordable and delicious, the people are nice and welcoming, and the scenery is breathtaking. We hope you enjoyed this blog on Katunayake, Sri Lanka! If you have any questions, please send us a message or leave a comment below so that we can respond!

Image courtesy of  Stephen Clarkson, Amila Tennakoon via creative commons licenses. some rights reserved.

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