If you are planning out a trip to this tropical island and listing out what are the things to do in Sri Lanka, Bird watching should be on the list that you must never miss. Bird watching is an amazing movement to experience in Sri Lanka and also enjoyed even by the locals as well as the plenty of tourists. Through this blog post, we are aiming to list 6 of the bird watching sites in Sri Lanka.

What are the best Birding sites in Sri Lanka?

Kumana Bird Sanctuary

In Kumana, you will be able to watch large flocks of migrating wading birds and waterfowl. 

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest is known for its richness of birdlife. There are at least 147 bird kinds and 95% of bird species are native to this site. 


Anawilundawa is one of the main wetland sanctuaries for bird watching where you can discover more than 150 species of birds. 

Yala National Park

Enjoy the wildlife shelter with a Jeep safari in Yala national park. Be a part to witness nearly 215 bird species and 6 of the kinds are native to Sri Lanka. However, Yala is popular for Leopards and also other animal kinds such as sloth bears and elephants while being one of the famous destinations for birding

Bundala National Park

Over 197 bird species can be found in Bundala and you can find greater flamingos which migrate in large flocks.


The most beautiful sight about Bird watching on this site is that from September to March, there are thousands of migrant bird flocks that can be spotted in Jaffna.

If you are interested to visit stunning tourist destinations for a breathtaking bird watching experience, it will be ideal for you to plan with Bird watching tours in Sri Lanka for suitable packages based on your interest. By that, we are delighted to plan your birding experience as a worthwhile life experience. These are a few and mostly highlighted bird watching sites in Sri Lanka. We are hoping to share more interesting insights about these locations in our future blog posts.