Bentota is a modest, charming resort town, which is well situated in Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. This area is used to be a significant trading center with a booming spice trade. Tourists and locals are drawn to this interesting  stunning resort by its charm and beauty. Travellers can partake in a variety of Bentota activities  including whale watching, snorkeling and diving. Bentota is a fantastic location, which is rich in history for individuals with a historical bent. Check through this list of the best things to do in Bentota and come to your own conclusion! 

1. Stroll while enjoying Nature inspiration : Bentota Beach

Surfer st sunset. Young man holding surfboard and walking to sea. Matara, Sri Lanka.

Bentota beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, also famous for its dazzling marine life. It is definitely a perfect location for nature lovers to engage in relaxing water activities like swimming, diving and snorkelling, and you may visit one of a Turtle Hatcheries, the prime turtle nesting sites, those are located in Bentota area.

2. To Meditate and heal yourself : Brief Garden


The Brief Garden, an enchanting garden, which is  located inland from  Bentota town was designed by a well known and skilled Sri Lankan architecture  named ‘Bevis Bawa’ who is the brother of Geoffrey Bawa. The gardens are filled with a variety  of flora species ranging  from endemic trees to flowering plants with a variety of rainbow colours. Bentota’s Brief Garden is  an ideal place to visit, especially for solo travellers,  groups of friends, families, or couples.

3. Observe  the  processing of the Cinnamon : Cinnamon island


Cinnamon Island is the place to go if you want to see landscapes warmed in brightness and surrounded by the purest waves. Also  you may observe the peeling, oiling, harvesting, and rolling of cinnamon on this place, which is the  best activity in this small island. Along  with relaxing on the beach, you may enjoy various adventurous water activities  like scuba diving and surfing.

4. Cycling: To have an overlook this wonderful place

Over the duration of your trip, you will glimpse some  old prominent religious places like Kande Viharaya, Katukoliha Temple, and Kechimalai Mosque. You will also find the stunning  mural painting inscribed on the walls of  “Mullegoda  temple” It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bentota.

5. Try only Some Unique Therapies : Ayurvedic Spas


If you are looking  for  relaxation, On your  vacation Therapies and Ayurvedic massages are the best medicine to relax your soul. There are exquisite spas  where someone can  rejuvenate for a healthier and more energetic spirit. For authentic ayurvedic  medicines and treatments,  you may proceed to  Ayurvedic Treatment centers in Bentota. Also,  each center has a range of  treatment facilities,  including massage,  Ayurvedic Treatment,  aromatherapy, fish spa, and  hot water Massage therapy. To use the services of these centers, travellers must make an appointment much in advance.  

6. Water Activities: Bentota River

Surreal beauty of jungle landscape with tropical river and mangrove rain forest lit by sun. Sri Lanka nature and travel destinations

Among the Sri Lankan beach resorts, the  River  Bentota, as well as the  lagoon provide the most  opportunities for water  activities. It has an amazing  bio-diversity with all to be experienced within walking  distance. The spectacular  aquatic species, wildlife and flora of the Bentota River are what make it more well-known and popular  among tourists, also  you  may observe crocodiles in  their natural environment.

Ideally, a  river safari is the  best way to enjoy the Bentota River and its tributaries, which wind  through the beautiful tropical countryside. Enjoy a relaxing boat trip through the mangroves and along the river as you take in the surroundings. You may finish off the adventure  with some jet skiing, a  trip  on a banana boat, or one of the other available water activities.

Image courtesy of Ted Drake via creative commons licenses. some rights reserved.

Bentota is an excellent small southern hamlet with many attractions, with so many interesting activities, those who are pondering visiting Bentota can go through our tour packages or make the resevations through our website.