Angurukaramulla Temple Also known as Bodhirajarama Maha Viharaya is a Buddhist temple located in Sri Lanka. It is situated in the town of Angurukaramulla Closed to the Ngombo town, which is about about 10 kilometers from the Katunayake Airport, 30 kilometers northeast of Colombo, 

The temple holds great historical and religious significance in Sri Lanka. It is believed to have been built during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa, who ruled the country in the 3rd century BCE. The temple is known for its ancient ruins and architectural beauty.

One of the notable features of the Angurukaramulla Temple is its large reclining Buddha statue. This statue, measuring around 48 feet in length, is considered one of the longest reclining Buddha statues in Sri Lanka. The temple also houses other statues and images depicting various aspects of Buddhism. To enter the temple you need to pass through the entrance, which has a gorgeous archway and a statue of an epic dragon as part of it. The dragon statue is thought by the locals to protect the temple and fight off evil spirits. In side the Angurukaramulla temple there is a 300-year-old library, which previously housed numerous religious writings and literary works.

Devotees and visitors come to the temple to pay their respects, offer prayers, and seek blessings. The temple complex provides a serene and peaceful environment for meditation and spiritual contemplation. It also serves as a cultural and educational center, organizing religious ceremonies, festivals, and Dhamma teachings.

The Angurukaramulle Temple is an important religious site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and holds a special place in the country’s history and heritage. It attracts both local devotees and tourists who are interested in exploring the rich Buddhist traditions and ancient architecture of the region.


1. What Should I wear when visiting Angurukaramulla Temple

It is advised that you wear clothing in light colors, especially white, that covers your shoulders and knees. Additionally, you must take off your shoes before entering the temple.

2. How long it takes to reach from Katunayake airport to Angurukaramulla Temple

To reach angurukaramulla Temple from airport take about 15 mints on a Taxi or a Tuk Tuk

3. How to reach Angurukaramulla Temple

You can either come outside the airport and take an Uber taxi or a local tuk tuk to get to Angurukaramulla Temple, or you can take an airport taxi from inside the airport taxi counter.

Image courtesy of G.S. Matthews, Dhammika Heenpella,   via creative commons licenses. some rights reserved.

If you love historic architecture and are interested in ancient murals and sculptures from our heritage, the Angurukaramulla temple is a lovely place to wander through. If you have any questions, please send us a message on our website or leave a comment below so that we can respond.