If you’re in Sri Lanka for a day trip or a round trip and want to face some breathtaking challenges, Ambuluwawa Tower is a must-see attraction in Sri Lanka. On December 18, 2006, the Ambuluwawa biodiversity station concept was put into action by Sri Lanka’s former Prime Minister.

Ambuluwawa Tower, located 3,567 feet above sea level and 1965 feets above from Gampola town, is a hilltop tourist destination that has a biodiversity complex honoring environmentalism, culture, and religious diversity, and is teeming with visitors from all over the world.


The Structure of the Ambuluwawa Complex


The Ambuluwawa complex includes a stunning entrance, twin ponds, water parks, stone parks, and a well-equipped International Meeting Hall with all necessary conference amenities. The outdoors and herb gardens offer excellent physical and mental relaxation.


The tower is well-knowing for its spiral staircases among instagram followers, which could be a challenge to climb for anyone. Ambuluwawa tower height is designating as 48 meters tall and it is  shaped like a cone. They have built several viewing platforms for anyone to enjoy and make memories during their visit.

The base of Ambuluwawa Tower is enclosed, including the first few flights of stairs. Small balconies are there, however the stairway doesn’t leave the tower until the fourth story. A viewpoint that circles the tower is located on the fourth floor. The first several staircases aren’t that intimidating, but as you go closer to the top of the tower, they get narrower and are only 2 feet wide. 


How to Get to Ambuluwawa

Ambuluwawa is 129km from Colombo and 25km from Kandy. If you prefer public transportation, taking the train is the ideal way to broaden your horizons.

By Train

If you take the train, you can get off at Gampola railway station and catch a Tuk Tuk from there. Gampola Railway Station is 5.2 kilometers away from Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill.

By Bus

If you take the bus, you must first transfer to Gampola town and from there take a tuk-tuk or cab to Ambuluwawa complex.

The Address of the Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex,
ICC Road,
Sri Lanka.

How Long Does It Take To Climb Ambuluwawa Tower?

It doesn’t take long to reach the summit of Ambuluwawa Tower. Most individuals could climb to the top in approximately 10-15 minutes. However, if the tower is overcrowded, there may be a lot of traffic at the top, and you may spend substantially longer time waiting your turn to climb the final staircase.

Best time to visit Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex is open from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. The entrance and the mountain peak are around 2.5 to 3 kilometers apart. You can begin your adventure on foot from the gate and enjoy the magnificent surroundings as you travel. If not, you can drive yourself or take a Tuk Tuk trip.

Ambuluwawa Tower can get very congested between 10 am and 3 pm during Sri Lanka’s peak season (December to April). You’ll have a higher chance of climbing the tower without issue if you visit outside of this window.

Is climbing Ambuluwawa Tower Dangerous?

Although there have not yet been any reported deaths from falls from Ambuluwawa Tower, this does not mean that you should let your guard down. You’ll be OK if you take your time and keep close to the wall.

What can you observe?

The summit of the tower provides 360-degree views of the mountains that surround central Sri Lanka. The image is just stunning. The surrounding towns, villages, mountains, and rivers are easily identified. There are 4 main mountains you can see from the top of the ambuluwawa watch tower.

  • The Knuckles Mountain Range -North
  • Sri Pada Mountain -South 
  • Piduruthalagala Mountain -East
  • Bathalegala (Bible Rock) Mountain -West

Aside from These mountains, you can clearly recognize the mountains Hunnasgiriya, Alagalla, Nelligala, Namunukula, Kabaragala, Dolosbage, Saptha Kanya, and the Hanthana Mountain Range. You can see the complete picture of Gampola City, Kothmale Village, Dolosbage Villages, Balana, Katugasthota, and Ulapane.



Bio Diversity of Ambuluwawa

Numerous plants and animals can be found in Ambuluwawa and the neighborhood. It has 200 different plant species that are divided into 80 different plant families. And also they have discovered 126 animal species in total and the entire area is home to 29 endemic species.

  • 11 Mammalian Species – 01 Endangered Species
  • 59 Avian Species – 07 Endemic Species
  • 30 reptilian species – 13 Endemic Species
  • 13 amphibian species – 06 Endemic Species 
  • 13 butterfly species – 02 Endemic Species

Tips before traveling Ambuluwawa Tower

  • There is a huge wind at the Ambuluwawa Tower.
  • Don’t try to take risky photographs or selfies. 
  • Holidays and Sundays are very busy with crowds.
  • Mornings and evenings are great times to visit here.
  • Make sure to watch out your stuff from monkeys  
  • You don’t need a tuk tuk to travel to the top of the mountain

Ambuluwawa, which consists of a Buddhist Temple, a Hindu Temple, a Church, and a Mosque, is a multi-religious complex where Sri Lankans of all religions can worship. This Multi-Religious Complex is a prime example of Sri Lankans’ ideal coexistence and oneness.

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